What is Bowenwork?

Bowenwork involves performing very precise, gentle movements on muscles and connective tissue. These gentle movements act as a catalyst to send powerful neurological impulses to the brain. The impulses stimulate whole brain responses, which address every system in the body - musculoskeletal structure as well as internal organs. In response, soft tissue tension is released, pain is relieved, and it's very common that structural misalignments will right themselves without any force being used by the practitioner.
Bowenwork addresses the client as a whole person, rather than a collection of symptoms. The physical, chemical, emotional and mental aspects of each person receiving Bowenwork will all respond as they are able. It is thought that because the whole brain is stimulated, the original, genetic pattern is re-awakened - the body remembers and restores its own healthy, natural balance.
Simply stated, Bowenwork allows the body to reset and heal itself.

What to expect during a Bowen session?

After the intake interview, the client lies on a bodywork table or a bed. If necessary for comfort, Bowenwork can also be performed with the client in a chair or standing. The practitioner performs a series of rhythmic, soothing movements over the client's loose clothing or on skin. After each set of movements the practitioner leaves the room for at least two minutes to allow the client's body time to process the signals. This process is repeated until the session is complete. Clients experience a deep sense of relaxation and well-being during the session and many fall asleep. A session can last anywhere from 15 minutes to 75 minutes depending on the client's needs and how their body responds to the work.
After a session, the body continues to respond for several days afterward unless interrupted by injury or strong external stimulation.
What happens after a session?
After a session, the body continues to respond for five to ten days unless interrupted by injury or strong external stimulation.

The following self-care advice is given to help support the healing process during the week after the treatment:

•   On the day of treatment, sitting less than 30 minutes at a time helps the body form a healthier, more balanced pattern.
•   The first 24 hours after the treatment should be restful.
•   Drinking extra water allows your body to expel built up toxins.
•   Taking daily walks relieves stress and aids your structural re-balancing.
•   Avoiding strong external stimulation such as other bodywork allows your body to continue using the energy generated by the Bowenwork.
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