Bowenwork® can assist recovery from many conditions including the following partial list:

  • Pain, including back pain, joint pain,  chronic pain and headaches
  • Traumatic injuries and overuse injuries
  • Fatigue and other chronic conditions
  • Physical or mental stress
  • Ear/throat problems and TMJ problems
  • Respiratory, digestive or reproductive system problems
  • Children's issues such as colic in babies,       allergies, asthma and bedwetting

The Bowenwork touch is so gentle it's safe for anyone to receive.

Bowenwork® is a manual therapy that stimulates your body's natural healing response. Bowenwork is based on the principle that our bodies are self-healing and can, with the right stimulation, return to a healthy state.
Practitioners use gentle, precise movements across specific muscles or tendons. Each move applied sends a healing message to your body, allowing it to relax and regain proper function. Bowenwork is unique in its ability to bring about many changes in your body without the use of force or painful manipulation.
A session includes essential pauses between each series of moves to give your body time to integrate the signals into the healing process. Your body will continue to process and respond to the healing signals for up to 10 days after each session.
The Bowenwork touch is so gentle it's safe for anyone to receive. The healing is so powerful it can have a beneficial effect on every area of your body.
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